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Ques. 1. What is admission process at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar?

Ans. A candidate interested in getting admission at GNDU, has to undergo following steps :
Step 1. Generate Student ID
Step 2. Login
Step 3. Fill Basic Details
Step 4. Fill Academic Details
Step 5. Course Registration
Step 6. Registration Fee Payment
Step 7. Print Application Form
Step 8. Download Admit Card (if applicable, if admission is through entrance test)
Step 9. Check Result of Entrance Test (if applicable)
Step 10. Appear in Counselling

We suggest you to regularly be in touch with website about counselling schedule. For further details, kindly visit :

(Student ID Related Issues)

Que. 2.  I have forgotten my StudentID/Password, please help?
Ans. Kindly visit the web page available at :

Que. 3. I am not able to upload Photo while creating StudentID process, please help?
Ans. During StudentID generation process a candidate is required to upload his photo and signatures. Both must be in .JPEG format and must be less than 30 KB

Que. 4. Is it compulsory to create StudentID
Ans. Yes, Student ID is a compulsory and unique ID given to each candidate.

Que. 5. By mistake, I have filled some  wrong information/ personal details etc. while generating StudentID how can i edit it?
Ans.Kindly send an email at:

Ques. 6. What is use of Student ID and how do I generate it?
Ans. Student ID is a unique ID given to every candidate interested in getting admission at GNDU. After admission process, all student related activities (Student Life Cycle) will be managed using Student ID.
You can generate your Student ID after signing in and by clicking at “Generate Student ID” button.

Que. 7. While generating student id, when I fill my details, data of another candidate shown on my screen.
Ans. Kindly send your email id and screen snapshot at :

 Que. 8. What is NAD ID?
Ans. National Academic Depository (NAD) is an important initiative of Govt. of India and MHRD to facilitate issuance, storage and access of academic awards in an online depository system on the pattern of Securities Depository. It is optional to generate NAD ID.

(Registration Fee Related Issues)

Que. 9. How much is registration fee?
Ans. For courses like B.Tech based on JEE Main, and B.Arch based on NATA registeration fee is Rs. 2200 for all candidates. For other courses, registration fee for candidate belonging to SC/ST category (of Punjab domicile) is Rs. 650 and for all other courses it is Rs. 1300.

Que. 10. What is registration fee, If I get registered for more than one course?
Ans. Except some departments like MYAS GNDU Department of Sports Sciences and Medicine, a candidate need to pay separate registration fee for each course registered. In MYAS department, registration fee for 2 courses is 1400 (700 for SC/ST), and for more than 2 courses it is 1500 (750 for SC/ST)

Que. 11.  I have paid registration fee online, amount has been deducted from my account, but when I login it is still showing “Fee Pending”. What do I do?
Ans. Kindly send us an email, mentioning reference no/ Deposit id, at or  call us at Online Admission Cell (Centre for I.T Solutions) : +91-183-2823182. Please mention your Student ID in your email.

Que. 12.  I have deposited registration fee in bank, but when I login, it is still showing “Fee Pending”. What do I do?
Ans. Kindly, send us scanned copy of payment receipt at: email We will do the needful and will reply you via email.

Que. 13.  I want to cancel my registration, kindly refund my application.       
Ans. Sorry, as mentioned in the prospectus, and as displayed on our website also, application fee is non-refundable.

(Course Registration Related Issues)

Que. 14. I wish to register for multiple courses, do I need to create different StudendID for each department/course?
Ans. No, you need to create StudentID only once, with one Student ID you may register for any number of courses by clicking at "Course Registration" link.

Que. 15. Can I register and fill admission form through mobile phone?
Ans. Yes. Our website runs on PC/Laptop/Mobile phone equally well.

Que. 16. What is the last date to register /fill admission form?
Ans. Last dates to register / fill up admission form may vary from course to course (for example, UG and PG courses). Last dates are displayed when you choose a course in “Course Registration” step.

Que. 17. By mistake, I have selected wrong course, how can I edit it?
Ans. Send the request from registered email at

Que. 18.  I have selected wrong category while course registration.
Ans. Change of category is NOT allowed (as metioned in prospectus at page no 21)

Que. 19. I want to know fee for first semester of a particular course.
Ans.  Semester wise fee details of all courses are mentioned in our prospectus, available at our web site. Kindly download/view the prospectus available at.:
Prospectus 2021-22

(Academic Details Related Issues)

Que. 20. I am trying to fill academic details, but it is giving some error.
Ans.  Kindly email us your details and the problem you are facing, our help desk team will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Que. 21. By mistake I have filled some wrong information in academic details and want to edit it, how can I do it?
Ans. Kindly email us your details we will unlock your form and you will be able to edit/lock it again. Send us email for your registered email ID only.

(Application form Related Issues)

Que. 22. There is some problem in my application form, kindly unlock it so that I can edit and lock it again?
Ans. Kindly email us your details like Application id and name of course, we will unlock your form, will reply you via email,  and you will be able to edit/lock it again. Send us email for your registered email ID only.

Que. 23. My graducation result is still pending, what should i fill against my graduation marks ?
Ans. You should fill Marks Obtained as 0 and Total Marks as 0, complete and lock your form. We will give you an option to edit your marks, later.

(Any Other Issue)

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