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All the students are requested to change their ID-Course Registration Passwords, so that no one can change your registered ID-Course without your permissions. CR’s are also requested to forward this message in their respective groups.


The unregisterted candidate must create a password by providing his/her Roll No. and Father's Name before starting the registration. This password needs to be remembered for the completion of registration process.  The candidates who are already registered for ID courses in the pervious session are required to reuse their old password . The 2nd semester candiates may use the same password used for Student Life Cycle. In case if any candiate forget his/her password can use Recover Password Link provided below.


After successful creation of password, the candidate must login using Roll No. and password. A list of ID-Courses opted by the Department will be generated.


From the generated list, the candidate must choose the course of his/her choice and register for it.
NOTE: Candidate is allowed to choose only one Id-Course from this session if a candidate wants more courses to complete his/her credits then he/she will choose MOOC courses.


After successful online registration, the candidate will take a print out of registration slip and sign it. One copy of registeration slip needs to be submitted to the class coordinator and second copy to the office of department in which ID course is opted.

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Note : In order to avoid last minute rush, the candidiates are advised to apply early enough. The university will not be responsible for any network related problem.
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