OPAS (Online Practical Award Submission) for Affiliated Colleges


How to Use OPAS

Important Instructions

  1. Login (Using User Name and Password given to your College) from the link provided at ww.gndu.ac.in
  2. Select course name and subject name for which you wish to submit award online.
  3. You will be shown practical exam. date sheet and examiner details. Check and fill details of Internal and External Examiners.
  4. Mobile Numbers of Internal and External Examiner and Two Mobile numbers registered by College will be shown. To Submit/Modify award list online, select any one mobile number.
  5. You will be sent a One Time Password (OTP), only after verifying this OTP you will be able to fill awards online.
  6. Fill and submit awards. (Awards of any course must be submitted online within 3 days from the last date of that practical exam.)
  7. You will be shown a preview of the award list. Before clicking on Save and Lock, You must check very carefully the preview generated. Once locked you will not be allowed to make any changes.
  8. After saving and locking, you will be prompted to get the award list printed and logged out automatically.
  9. Get the printed award list signed by both internal and external examiner. After their signature, scan the printed and signed copy of award list and prepare a PDF file
  10. Login Again and Upload this PDF file. This PDF will act as supporting document, without this PDF your award list will not be considered.
  11. On successful submission, You Will Be Given Summarised Form. Hard Copy of This Summary Form Must be Submitted To Conduct Branch in the University along with "Adayagi Bill Forms".
  12. In case of any dispute, PDF uploaded having signatures of both internal and external examiner will be considered.
  13. Optionally, you may get Duplicate Print of Awards submitted online and PDF File uploaded.
  14. Logout